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Our center-based approach allows us to address all your concerns regarding your child’s needs. Whether your child needs help to enhance speech development, improve gross or fine motor skill acquisition, or facilitate sensory integration, First Step can help.

Are you wondering if your child can benefit from therapy? First Step Therapy is offering FREE speech and language screenings.

Is your child not speaking as much or as clear as their peers? Do you have concerns, but are just not sure if your child needs speech or language therapy? Reach out to us today for a free screening to set your mind at ease.

Call us today at 718-509-4909 to schedule your child’s free screening.

Speech and language screenings are a wonderful tool to determine if a child is developing within the “average” range when compared to other children his or her age. Screening tests identify conditions that might need further assessment and are an important part of well-child health care. Children who do not pass the screening will be recommended to receive further assessment or a full comprehensive evaluation.